Top Kitchen Chimney Brands in India

A chimney hood that hangs just above the cook top or stove in your kitchen removes all the smells, airborne grease, fumes, combustion products, odours, smokes and steam of cooking from the atmosphere by evacuation of the filtration and air, without disturbing the nearby rooms. Many renowned brands are constructing Electric Chimney Hoods with great assortment of features and at attractive price. The range includes highly attractive ones which are little costlier than the conventional ones; but they add a fashionable look to your kitchen and freshen your atmosphere while cooking. Cool Air and air conditioning features are added with the latest Electric Chimneys.

Top 10 Brands of Kitchen Chimney in India

Following is the list of top 10 brands of electric kitchens in India with their features and price ranges. Choose the best one for your kitchen today!

Faber HeatKraft

Faber HeatKraft was founded by Franke Holding AG in Aarburg, Switzerland. It offers highly fashionable designs in the area of Kitchen Chimney for your entire kitchen styling needs. These Chimneys are creatively crafted in the Stainless Steel and equipped with good Air Suction Capacity to remove the entire grease, smoke, etc from your kitchen and make your cooking environment healthy and fresh. The ranges Faber HeatKraft offers are:

Coll. Hoods: These chimneys have stainless steel finish with electronic controls and noise level 40-65 dB (A) and are available at starting price of INR 2, 30,990.

Dec. Hoods: Finished in Stainless Steel and/or Glass, these chimneys come with electronic control feature and baffle filters. They are available at starting price of INR 37, 490.

Trad (Tradional) Hoods: These Chimneys have Aluminium Cassette Filter with Noise level – 62 dBA (maximum). Finished in stainless Steel, these chimneys are available at the starting price of INR 9,250.


Glen offers two types of chimneys: Straight line chimneys and designer hood chimneys. It gives a graceful look to your kitchen because of its finish in glass and stainless steel. Latest technology has been used to manufacture the Glen Chimneys which not just decorates your kitchen but also eliminates grease, oil, smoke, etc. from the kitchen.

These chimneys have the LED Lamps which help in low power consumption and PDCA housing which is beneficial in reducing the noise level. Flame retardant and low smoke material is used to increase the safety level. These designer chimneys feature Baffle Filter in 90 CM size with Italian motor with TOP, PDCA housing, Electronic control and timer with 4 energy reduction 1.5W LED lamps. Glen is available in various ranges of models and the starting price is INR 8,988.


Kaff manufactures the elegant Cooker Hoods that make your kitchen the perfect room in the entire house. They are believed to have powerful suction motors which remove grease, smoke, steam and any type of smells from your kitchen making your cooking healthy and fresh and purify the air which is good for your lungs. The futuristic designs and advanced ergonomic technology are the characteristics of these cooker chimney hoods.

Kaff Chimneys are equipped with special conveyor Pressure Die-Cast Aluminium (PDCA) Motors. These chimneys come with high suction capability of aluminium or metallic motors, Aluminium filter and powerful motorized conveyor system which give you highly powerful air ventilation system for perfect cooking and relaxing your mind.  These chimneys are available at anything between INR 5,549 to INR 80,000.


IFB Chimneys help your kitchen get rid of odour, smells, smoke, grease, etc. and keep your kitchen clean all the time. These Chimneys look very stylish and come with many useful characteristics which make them highly enjoyable and essential product for your kitchen. They have the stainless steel and aluminium filters which easily manage the fumes and smoke from Indian cooking. The LED lights help in saving energy and power, plus you can light them up to better see things while you are cooking.

They build up less dirt which help them working for a longer time without the requirement of cleaning quite often. These chimneys have the latest Clean Air function that fills your kitchen with clean air and automatically runs the chimney at slow speeds, i.e. 10 minutes every hour and removes the stale air from the kitchen. IFB Chimneys come along with 5 years of warranty. The price range of IFB chimney is INR 10,490 to 54,990.


Prestige is one of the highly famous brands for manufacturing kitchen appliances and products in India. It offers a wonderful range of kitchen hobs and hoods for meeting all your kitchen needs. They feature high quality powder skinned body and high suction capability. The latest technology like Air suction capability completely removes dirt, grease, oil, smoke, etc from your kitchen and leaves it with fresh air which helps you do healthy cooking.

Many people in India trust the Prestige Brand when it comes to kitchen appliances. The company’s tagline is ‘Prestige: Smart Kitchen’ which says it all. The Prestige Chimneys are available in different price range starting from INR 5,520 and may go up to INR 22,750.


Bajaj is another name which is highly trusted in India for its products and ranges.  Consumers by and large believe that if a product is made under the brand Bajaj, it certainly would have reliable features and quality and Bajaj has maintained that trust even in the Kitchen appliances it manufactures. The latest Kitchen chimney and hoods manufactured by Bajaj contain remarkable quality and features and the company offers assortment of models for all your kitchen needs.

Stylish hoods, decorative glass and stainless steel finish give an elegant look to your kitchen and are suitable for maintaining the contemporary style of your kitchen and home. Majority of the Prestige Chimneys have stainless steel and glass materials finish. They have elevated Air Suction Capacity and perfect speed levels to suck out all the smells, grease, oil, dirt and fumes from your kitchen. There are several models the company makes such as HX-15, HX-8BF SS, HX-7 SS BF, HX-1 and many more with a starting range of INR 5000.


Pigeon is another renowned brand in India for kitchen ware, especially kitchen chimneys and hoods. They offer advanced quality and stylish chimneys, hobs and hoods for your kitchen. These chimneys are primarily available in 60cm size with two motors which are very powerful to remove the stubborn dirt, oil, grease, smoke, etc. from your kitchen. High air flow capacity and low noise levels keep your room fresh and healthy and gives relaxation to your mind while cooking.

They have high speed functionality and easy-to-control switches. Pigeon offers 1 year warranty on every product it sells including these electric chimneys. You can order one for yourself online or from the official stores of pigeon store with delivery in 3-5 business days. There are various models available in chimneys like Sterling, Windsor Deluxe Baffle Filter, Sterling DLX with Baffle, Senator, Windsor, Cornet with Glass, Senator SS, etc. Starting price for Pigeon Chimney is approximately INR 7,500.


Usha is a very known and old brand in India. Trusted by consumers, the Usha hoods and chimneys are fitted with graceful and sleek design. These chimneys are manufactured with high suction power hoods which eliminate all types of foul smells, oil, grease, filth, dirt, smoke, etc. from your kitchen without spreading them to another room in your home. The chimneys and hoods of Usha have Stainless Steel Decorative Body with 3 Speed Soft Touch Control Panel to ensure perfect speed while working.

They also contain Thermal Overload Protector and 5 Layered Anodized Aluminium Cassette Filter which provides safety and comfort to you while cooking. Usha ensures that you love to enter your kitchen and do the perfect cooking while their chimney will take care of your health by removing all the unnecessary elements from your kitchen. The brand Usha offers a variety of Chimney models including Excella, Intellus, Slender, Margorita, Luxotica, Plush, Caliph, Previa, Stanza, and Vista. Starting price of Usha Chimney is around INR 5,988.


Whirlpool is another noted brand for electric appliances in India. It offers a variety of electronic products and has been successful in influencing customers towards it products. Whirlpool has spread its wings in the area of kitchen appliances too, especially chimneys and hoods. It offers two types of hood: Wall Mounted Hoods and Island Hoods. Wall mounted hoods are decorative chimneys and hoods and comes with 6th sense technology. Their high suction power interface allows safety and comfort while removing dirt, smoke, grease, oil, etc from your kitchen very quietly.

Islands hoods are specially designed with ceiling mounted hoods that offer bottomless silence. The best leading and popular models of Whirlpool Chimney and hoods are: AKR 904 ISOLA, AKR 905 ISOLA (90 Cm), AKR 9222 (90 cm), AKR 9196, AKR 6222, AKR 604 Platinum, AKR 904 Platinum, AKR 605 Platinum, AKR 6133, AKR 905 Platinum, etc. These hoods come at little higher price and the starting rate is around INR 20,000.


The brand Hindware is famous for creating Elegant and Innovative Designs. The company is famous for manufacturing bathroom products though; it is widely accepted for its range of chimneys and hoods too because of the quality and features it offers. Hindware offers a series of chimneys and hoods for all your kitchen requirements. This series include Designer Hoods, Island Hoods, Straight Line Hoods, Decorative Hoods and Auto Clean Hoods. Island Hoods consist of Coral, Celia and olivia90. Designer Hoods include Fabia 60/90, Lara 60, Gracia 60, Sofia 60 etc. The chimneys and Hoods of Hindware are finished in Stainless Steel and have Push Buttons for easy functioning.

They come with Halogen Lamps for proper lighting while cooking and Cassette Filter to remove the stain, dirt, grease, and smoke from your kitchen and keep it fresh and dry. These chimneys emphasise on low noise level and high air flow to keep your mind relaxed and cheerful while cooking. The models of Hindware hoods include Oil Collector 2m PC, Oil Collector 2m SS, Fortune Pc Black 2m (SSF), Clarion, Lisa60,Pacific 60, Jupiter Plus 60, Diplomat, Zelia GL 60,Trabo Plus 60. The starting price of these chimneys is approximately INR 9500.

To Conclude

Chimney and Hoods have become one of the most important requirements for healthy cooking in the kitchen. While you may get attracted to buy one immediately, it’s equally important that you consider couple of things before buying one. The suction power of the chimney is highly important and you should consider the same before purchasing along with the other features like design, elegance, looks, etc.

The price of the Electric Chimneys is highly dependent on the suction capability and the brand. Majority of the chimneys are available in the width of 60 cm to 90 cm. The capacity to empty 600-750 cubic metres per hour is usually enough for an average house. If you have a large kitchen, then you can consider the models mentioned above.