Top Iron Brands in India

Ironing is a crucial chore in each and every household. We need wear iron ironed clothes before going out of our homes in order to look more professional and presentable. Advancement in technology has made lives easier as people are not dependent on others for their daily needs. Electrical irons and washing machines are amongst the major revolutionizing discoveries that have simplified the efforts for getting decent, tidy and neat clothes. When your clothes are crease free, you make way out of home with more confidence and positivity.

Earlier, some fabrics like silk, pure cotton, etc were not able to get the finest of shapes despite regular ironing at home. But these days, a new series of irons that have steam function enabled in them are available in the market. They manage such clothes and banish the roughest of creases without the need for going to local laundry shops.

Here is a list of top 10 brands of iron in India according to their enabled functions, durability and affordability.

Top 10 Brands of Iron in India


Philips iron

Philips is a Dutch company with primary divisions in the sectors of lighting, electronics and healthcare. The ironing range of Philips include steam iron, dry iron, garment steamer and steam generator iron.

Dry irons from Philips are easy to use as they glide over the garments smoothly. They are light in weight so that the user can carry one conveniently while ironing the clothes. They also have a non stick coating in their sole plates for preventing the clothes from burning. The steam iron range of Philips provides better and quicker ironing. These irons are embedded with Optimal Temp technology, which safely irons all type of clothes without burning them. They contain powerful steams to remove wrinkles efficiently and quickly. They also provide perfect care to the clothes without the need for setting temperatures in between the ironing process.


Inalsa iron

Inalsa is amongst the leading companies of home appliances in India. Its existing range of products include juicer mixer grinder, mixer grinder, sandwich snack toaster, cooker hoods, food processors, cook tops, oven toaster grillers, dry/wet grinders, water heaters, free standing cooking ranges and auto electric cookers.

Inalsa irons are available in both dry and steam categories. Popular variants of this brand include Onyx, Atlantis, Geyser Titanium, Adria, Orbit, Oscar, Hercules, Dyna, Jewel, Classic, Apollo, Sapphire and various others. Every iron product from this well-known brand is ISI approved. Its price range starts from Rs. 387. Some of the good features of Inalsa irons are variable temperature control, non stick sole plates, variable steam control, self cleaning, thermal fuse for utmost safety and power indicators for superior ironing.


Bajaj iron

Bajaj is an Indian company which manufactures electrical equipment. Its major domains are consumer durables, lightning, engineering and projects. Bajaj offers various solutions for ironing in the field of garment care. For accommodating various kinds of clothing materials, steam irons from the brand have a steam output to adjust according to the users requirements. These irons can even be used in a vertical manner for properly pressing curtains and other materials which are vertically suspended. Besides performing such tremendous functions, steam irons from Bajaj have a comfortable grip and are extremely light in weight in order to provide convenience and ease to the user. They also contain extensive cords for congenial ironing even from a distance. Bajaj irons are available in various price ranges according to the model specifications.

Dry irons from Bajaj also offer efficient functioning in the field of garment care. They come up with non stick sole plates for prevention of burning of clothes. Other important features covered are ergonomically designed body, auto-lift front and cool touch grip.


Havells iron

Havells is one of the notable companies in India. It manufactures a wide array of products, including kitchen and home appliances, fans, LED lighting, water heaters, induction motors and countless others. Irons from the brand come with clean surfaces to provide a finished and appealing look to the garments. They also come with low power consumption and quick heating capacity. Dry as well as steam irons from Havells are able to remove even the stubborn creases with their advanced functioning power. Steam variants are Magnum, Admire, Sparkle and Esteam while the dry variants of Havells are Oro, Adore, Jio, Era, Evolin and Evo.

Havells irons are embraced with multiple functions to provide a new feel to every garment. These are swivel cord, non stick sole plate, easy grip, light weight, power indicator and many more for efficient ironing of every garment. The lowest priced Havells iron is Era Dry that is available in the market with a starting price of Rs 500.


Usha iron

Usha is yet another top-notch company in India. It is a consumer durables company, which markets and distributes products such as dispensers and drinking water coolers, pump sets and electrical motors, auto components, sewing machines, electric fans and home appliances.

Similar to other iron manufacturing brands, Usha produces both dry and steam iron categories. Its dry irons are enabled with thermostat feature so that the user can control the temperature as per the fabric. In order to prevent accidents, their dry irons come with thermal cut off feature and an indicator display of ‘on’ and ‘off’. They also contain cord winders for neatly wrapping the wire after the user is done with the ironing process. Steam irons of Usha also provide powerful performance as they contain scratch proof sole plates, soft touch panels, horizontal and vertical function for steam burst and swivel cord for easy maneuverability. Many of its variants such as Ei2102, 1602 and El-1602 are available at giveaway prices.


Orpat iron

Orpat is amongst the topmost companies of India that produces home appliances and consumer durables. The home appliance segment by Orpat offers plethora of options for the consumers such as irons, toasters, heaters, ovens, fans, mixer grinders and hand blender.

The company manufactures cordless iron, dry iron and steam iron in the field of garment care. Cordless irons by Orpat are among the major innovations by the company. They provide highly effective ironing because of their influential features. Some of them are- cordless steam, transparent window for showing the water level, temperature adjustment, sole plate with Teflon coating, leakage proof water tank, base rotation of 360 degree, powerful steam burst, dry ironing, safety cut out, storage compartment for the cord, steam adjustability and spraying. Irons by Orpat consume less power, come in unique designs and are super light weight and convenient to carry. OEI series of Orpat irons are available at a pocket friendly range in the market.

Morphy Richards

Morphy Richards iron

Since decades, the company has been a pioneer in the field of household appliances. Morphy Richards manufactures and supplies a variety of products in the departments of personal grooming, food preparation, beverages, home solutions, garment care, cooking appliances, breakfast and snacking. In the segment of garment care, the brand produces two categories of irons which are – Dry iron and Steam iron. Its price starts from Rs 450 in the Indian market.

Dry iron variants from Morphy Richards include Desira, Senora, Daisy and Inspira. These dry irons from the brand are lightweight and provide superior performance. The non stick sole plates and 360 degree swivel cord adds to the functioning of these irons.  They also have adjustable thermostat control to suit every kind of fabric. Steam iron variants from Morphy Richards include Superglide, Turbo, Glide, Mirage and Comfigrip Tri-zone. Steam irons possess more features than dry irons. They help to save time of the user while lesser efforts are required during the ironing process.


Kenstar iron

Launched in 1996, Kenstar is a leading home appliances brand. It produces an impressive range of products in the segment of cooking appliances, beverages, cooling appliances, home appliances and food preparation. Kenstar iron variants include Velvet, Stylo, Swift, Glam and Satina.

Irons from Kenstar come with adjustable thermostat for efficient performance while ironing the garments. They also possess non stick coating plate in order to protect the clothes from affixing to the plates of iron. Steam irons by this brand feature steam burst properties to help remove stubborn creases and wrinkles. Apart from such distinctive features, Kenstar irons are available at economical prices and get heated quickly for less power consumption.


Prestige iron

Prestige is an esteemed brand that distributes and markets cleaning solutions, cook tops, chimneys, pressure cookers, pressure cookware, other appliances and tools. The brand has been catering to the requirements of home makers in India since its emergence.

Irons from Prestige come with aerodynamic styling and advanced features to provide utmost satisfaction to its consumers. The key features of Prestige iron are water spray, spray and steam button, steam burst mode, non stick sole plate, swivel cord, shock proof body and adjustable thermostat control. Its popular variants are PDI 02, PDI 03, PDI 04, PSI 07, PSI 09 and a few others which are readily available in the Indian market at rock bottom prices. They are also available in various colours and designs to offer a wider customer choice.

Crompton Greaves

Crompton Greaves iron

Crompton Greaves is a multinational company of India which is engaged in marketing, designing and manufacturing of products in the field of industrial systems, power systems, automation system and consumer products. Crompton Greaves is one of the top irons brand in the country as it produces supreme dry and steam irons. They smoothly iron all kinds of fabrics whether it is cotton, nylon, silk, wool or rayon. They contain thermal regular knob so that the user can adjust the temperature as per the fabric of the garment.

Most of the irons from Crompton Greaves come with metal sole plates for quick heating and faster operations. Their anti-heat handles and a light weight body provide ease of holding and a much nice look to each and every piece of cloth. These irons also require less supply of power that reduces the electricity bills. The lowest priced model of Crompton Greaves is 750- Watt PD dry iron, which is available at the price of Rs 300 onwards.

At last

Stubborn wrinkles can only be tackled through effective appliances. Thus, we need to choose the iron wisely before making a purchase. Traditional irons are as effective as steam generating irons for banishing the creases, but steam irons are in much more demand in the Indian market because of their additional features.

We must always consider some crucial factors before buying a brand new iron, such as comfortable handle, light weight, tapered and thin sole plates, scratch resistant and smooth surface, long cord, easy to fill tank and easy to visualize  level of water. The iron’s safety feature must also be considered. It might be unlikely to get everything in a single iron. Therefore, you must consider your priorities and pick out the one which is best for you.