Top Green Tea Brands in India

Green tea has become popular everywhere as it contains various health benefits. It is regarded as a healthy tonic for the body because of the beneficiary antioxidant properties it possesses. Some of its health benefits include reduction in weight, regulation of blood sugar, increase in metabolism, prevention of heart diseases and countless others. Due to this, green tea has become a much sought-after product in India as well.

As green tea is amongst the major selling products in the country, its demand is expected to increase in the coming years. Commonly known as the ‘health-giving cup’, green tea is available in a number of brands in the market. Here is a list of top brands of green tea in the country which are filtered down in terms of their purity, quality and effectiveness.

Top 10 Green Tea Brands in India

Organic India

Organic India Green Tea

Having its headquarters in Lucknow, Organic India is one of the leading companies in India that deals in health supplements and organic foods. Organic India manufactures Ayurvedic, herbal and organic health products. Green tea from this brand is well liked by the Indian masses because of its rich natural, pure and organic components. It offers an extensive range of flavours that include tulsi, jasmine, earl grey, pomegranate lemon and ginger. ‘Tulsi’’ is the highest selling variant of Organic India as it offers unique taste and carries a lot of health benefits for its users.

Green tea from Organic India is caffeine free. The brand claims that their tea has the potential to improve well-being and reduce stress. Its aromatic smell and the blend of finest ingredients make it amongst the topmost green tea brands in the country.


Basilur Green Tea

Basilur is a luxury tea brand sourced from Sri Lanka. Known for its beautiful packaging and exotic blends, Basilur is 100% Ceylon tea. It offers a broad range of premium flavors in green tea such as mint, fruit, cranberry, melon etc. The company uses fine quality tea leaves in its manufacturing process and secures the goodness and freshness of their tea with modern innovative techniques. Their tea is available in attractive packages of cardboard boxes or tin caddies.

Popular variants include Bouquet, Romantic, Four Seasons, Miniature and Treasure. Basilur tea is made up of long leaf and black pure Ceylon tea and contains no additives. Despite their high price range, the brand has managed to gain a firm hold in the Indian market due to its superior quality and health giving benefits.

24 Mantra Organic

24 Mantra Organic Green Tea

24 Mantra Organic is amongst the top-notch companies in India which produces organic products such as dals, cereals, oils, sugar, honey, jams, juices, cookies, spices, flours, teas and various others. 24 Mantra is comparatively a new name in the field of green tea but the brand has managed to establish its presence in the Indian market. Its products are also marketed in Canada, Europe, USA and the countries of Middle East.

In the manufacturing of green tea or any products for that matter, the company does not use any pesticides and practises sustainable farming methods. Thus, the consumer need not fret about the use of harmful chemicals in their cup of tea. Green tea from this purely organic brand is rich in flavonoids and antioxidants. Its available variants are Tulsi, Ginger and Darjeeling.


Twinings Green Tea

Owned by the Associated British Foods, Twinings is a renowned marketer of tea. The brand has been producing aromatic tea for over 300 years, yet entered the Indian market in the year of 1997. Twinings manufactures its green tea from the same leaves which are used in producing black tea. Popular variants of this brand are Decaffeinated Pure Green Tea, Pure Green Tea, Cranberry Green Tea, Green Tea and Lemon, Jasmine Green Tea, Mint Green Tea, Pomegranate and Ginger Green Tea.

It is made up of natural ingredients and is wholly sugar free to provide the best of health benefits to its customers. Twinings green tea is admired in the country due to its non bitter taste as the company blends the classic palates of green tea with many creative flavours such as cherry, golden syrup, caramel, vanilla etc. to provide a favorable and enjoyable taste to the users.


GAIA Green Tea

GAIA is amongst the topmost brands for nutritional supplements and health food. Its famous products include mueslis, oatmeal cookies, green teas, trail mix, granola bars and sugar substitutes. Green teas from GAIA carry a subtle aroma of their respective flavours combined with a strong distinctive smell of tea leaves.

Their green tea comes in attractive and sturdy packaging along with a few tricks and tips on how to utilize the product in several ways both tropically and orally. Its available variants are Assorted, Lemon, Tulsi, Ginger, Jasmine, Classic, Lemon and Honey, Mint, Leaf and Cardamom. GAIA green tea contains various therapeutic benefits and instantly energizes its users with its pleasant aroma. It is also purely vegetarian, thus can be consumed by all.


Tetley Green Tea

Tetley is among the largest beverage manufacturers in the world. This Indo-English brand became a subsidiary of Tata Global Beverages, an Indian company in 2000. It produces black tea, redbush, green tea, super green tea, blend collection, decaf, peppermint, earl grey and chamomile. Green Tea from Tetley comes in various delightful variants including Honey and Lemon, Ginger and Lemon, Aloevera, Regular, Super Green Tea Immune and Super Green Tea Boost.

It contains five times more additional antioxidants than vegetables and fruits to help cleanse the body from within. The Super Green Tea range from Tetley has been specifically designed with expert technology to help fulfill the vitamin requirements of body and reducing fatigue and tiredness. Leaves for the preparation of Tetley green tea are carefully sourced and each of its products is quality checked several times before reaching out to the ultimate consumer.


Lipton Green Tea

Lipton is an approved tea brand which is owned by Unilever. The company markets a large variety of teas including black tea, green tea, herbal tea and ready-to-drink format beverages. Lipton green tea has a smooth and delightfully light taste along with a pleasant aroma to refresh its users. Each green tea pack from this brand is loaded with fresh tea leaves while the packaging of tea is double wrapped for retaining its freshness, aroma and crisp taste.

It does not contain any kind of food allergens or additives which are harmful for the health. Common variants of Lipton green tea are – Decaffeinated, Mint, Matcha and Mint, Matcha and Ginger, Matcha, Mandarian Orange, Orange Passionfruit, Jasmine and others. Each of its green tea can be relished in both the ways, i.e. hot and iced as per the user’s liking.

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal Green Tea

Launched by Brooke Bond in 1966, Taj Mahal is among the premier tea brands of India. Tea products from the brand include classic tea, spices, exotic tea, green tea and black blends. Green tea from Taj Mahal is available in three subtle flavours – Darjeeling, Honey Lemon and Earl Grey. Taj Mahal products are easily accessible in the Indian market, thus there is no requirement for placing orders and waiting for their delivery. Its tea bags come with a plastic sealing followed by a paper box to lock in the aroma and freshness. Its strings are also long in comparison to other tea brands.

Brooke Bond Taj Mahal green tea is loaded with antioxidants and hence considered a good drink for the health conscious. It is among the oldest brand of tea in India and has retained its significance in the country because of its wonderful flavours. This popular brand is available at marked down prices in the market.


Typhoo Green Tea

Typhoo is one of the substantial brands of United Kingdom. The brand entered India in 2008 with its selected range of fruit infusions and teas. Its popular products are flavoured tea, green tea, black tea and fruit infusions.

Typhoo green tea is available in several exotic flavours namely Masala Chai, Traditional Tulsi, Jasmine, Moroccan Mint, Coconut, Lemon Grass etc. Apart from being rich in antioxidants, these green tea brews are preservative and sugar free and do not contain any artificial flavours. An amazing thing about this green tea is that you can prepare delightful tea mixes from it by adding a few ingredients like lemonade, orange squash, lemon juice, orange, ginger ale etc.

Golden Tips

Golden Tips Green Tea

Golden Tips is amongst the world’s finest tea companies. The brand was established in India in 1993. Golden Tips green tea is widely sold online as well as through its various retail stores throughout the country. There is a plethora of loose leaf variants from the brand which include Earl Grey, Classic, Lemon, Mint and Pyramid. The tea is wrapped and bagged in separate sachets for retaining its flavor and taste.

Like various other green tea brands, Golden Tips green tea has rich antioxidant properties. Packaging for this brand is quite superior and sturdy as their green tea is available in customized handmade paper bags, velvet bags, wooden boxes and tin cans. Because of the use of only Darjeeling tea in its production, Golden Tips green tea is marketed at relatively expensive prices in the country.

To Conclude

As green tea offers various health advantages, many people like this healthy variant of tea rather than the regular masala tea. Green tea is free from fats unlike the other leaf teas, which is the major reason why people are discarding their regular types of tea and opting for it. As there are many companies offering green tea in the country, it becomes a difficult choice for the green tea customers to select the one which matches their level of taste, aroma and other preferences.

While choosing the green tea, one must always look for a few factors such as the country of origin, aroma, whether it is decaffeinated or caffeinated, whether it is conventional or organic etc. It must also be ensured that the green tea we are purchasing should not contain any harmful chemicals or additives. As many organic brands are available, one must always prefer such brands over the chemical laden and artificial additives inclusive brands. The above mentioned green tea brands are widely acceptable in the Indian context and are not harmful in any way to the body. These are created with high quality natural ingredients and are the most selling brands of green tea in the country.