Top Female Deodorant Brands in India

The arrival of summer is a cause of great concern for women because of the problems that are a part and parcel of the season. Yes! We are talking about the sweating and skin problems. It is the humidity in India that leads to sweaty armpits and foul body odour, but with an extensive variety of deodorants and antiperspirants available today, women can bid goodbye to these problems. Plus, deodorants help add grace to one’s personality by making one smell good throughout the day.

However, women with sensitive underarm must pick a quality deodorant which is not harsh on the skin. If you are going to use a deodorant for the first time, don’t use it directly on your underarm. First have a small area tested near your wrist or wherever you feel comfortable and always go for the best deodorant brands for women body. In Indian market, there is a plenty of best deodorant brands for women having mesmerizing fragrances and sweat control ability. Read on to find out the top 10 best female deodorant brands available in India:

Top 10 Brands of Female Deodorant in India


Nike deo for women

Nike, an American based multinational corporation, is quite popular for its variegated range of quality cosmetics and accessories, also produces and sells deodorants all across the globe. Nike includes a range of best deodorants for women whose striking fragrances last throughout the day once you wear them. If spend most of the time out of home can go for a Nike deodorant as it will give you a long lasting fragrance.

Even though you may find the price range of the deodorants a bit higher in comparison with other brands, but they are known to be specially produced for the sensitive skin of women, which will not result in skin irritation or darkening under the arms. Deodorants by Nike happen to be an excellent combination of rosemary, lavender and pistachio. Other variants available in the brand are Pink Parade, Blue Fantasy, Purple Woman, Fruit Fever, Spicy Love and Sweet Emotion, to name a few. You can easily find them in the market with a starting range of Rs 250.


Reebok deo for women

Reebok is another best deodorant brand for women in the market. Its deodorant body sprays contain active ingredients to combat daily odour and spread a fruity, citrus fragrance. These ingredients include triclosan, linalool, nutylphenyl methylpropional, isopropyl myristate, fragrance, etc.  As the products by Reebok are suitable for office as well as casual purpose, you can use them for daily wear. Apart from being quite refreshing and inviting they are also alcohol free and last for a longer period.

Nike deodorant products are available in Wood, Apple, Lemon, Blossom, Aquatic, Lily of the Valley, Spicy, Musk and Amber. The best part of these body sprays is that they cause no irritation to your skin and do not even stain your white shirts so that you can wear them without any worries. The price range starts from Rs 275.


Nivea deo for women

Nivea is a famous cosmetic brand recognized globally for its trusted and quality supply of products. Currently, the brand has spread its product networks in more than 50 countries of the world. Its quality products are made for both men and women. Nivea’s best women deodorant products are supplied with pearl extract formula. Its range of deodorants are meant to give you twin benefits, i.e. soft, gorgeous underarms and anti-perspirant shield upon every use.

The deodorant products by Nivea are powered with the goodness of a precious pearl extract formula besides being 100% alcohol free. You can remain confident throughout the day by wearing their refreshing fragrances. Even those with sensitive skin can use these body sprays unhesitatingly as they are dermatologically tested products. Moreover, Nivea was the first brand for bringing concept care at the forefront. Its products have gained worldwide acceptance and are being used by Indian women too.


Adidas deo for women

Adidas initially established itself as a brand of sports products, but later on went on to become one of the most distinguished cosmetic brands too with the launch of quality perfumes and deodorants for both men and women. Its deodorant body sprays are amongst the best deodorant products for women, which provide a long lasting fragrance and are very mild on the sensitive skin. The deodorants from Adidas do not contain any harmful chemicals and always smell good as they are a fine blend of spicy, aquatic, fruity, flowery and soothing fragrances. These deo-products are said to provide you day-long fresh feeling.

One of the best deodorant body sprays for women in India is Adidas Pure Lightness, which contains a heavenly aroma of woodsy yellow musk as well as that of apricot and peach. It not only helps in keeping you fresh all day long, but also boosts your confidence level so that you can enjoy your day to the fullest. The variants available in Adidas are Fruit Rhythm, Special Edition, Natural Vitality, Pure Lightness, Floral Dream and Natural Vitality.  Their price range starts from Rs. 175.


Dove deo for women

This is yet another dermatologically proven brand, which is giving a tough competition to other brands in the market. In Dove, you can find a wide range of deodorant products, which contain ¼ moisturizer in order to keep your delicate underarm nourished. Especially meant for the sensitive skin of women, the Dove products will keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

Their deodorant products do not irritate the skin and are, therefore, meant for women of all ages, be it young girls, teenagers or working women. Apply it once to get a long lasting fragrance throughout the day. Celebrated as one of the best deodorant brands for women body, Dove products are enriched with Vitamin E and F extract to soften and condition the skin. Silk Dry, Go Fresh, Clear Touch, Dove Original, Whitening and Invisible Dry are known to be the best flavors of the brand. So, keep yourself refreshed all day long with the wonderful fragrance of Dove deodorant products, which are available from as low as Rs 150 onwards.


Yardley deo for women

This internationally famed brand of London is one of the long established toiletries, cosmetics and perfume companies in the world. The brand has been a major hit since the time it launched its deodorant products in the market. Yardley fragrances delight the senses and give you cool freshness for long hours. Its antiperspirant formula helps you in staying confident and fresh. The key ingredients are the abundant flora obtained from nature; this is the reason why the deodorant products by Yardley are considered to be eco-friendly.

As its floral fragrances are mild on the skin and help you preserve after shower freshness, the Yardley body sprays are touted among the best women deodorant brands in India. The variants available are Jasmine, English Lavender, Lily of the Valley, Red Roses, Sandalwood and English Rose. As far as the price range is concerned, it is quite pocket friendly and starts from Rs 180.


Spinz deo for women

Spinz brand has an interesting history behind its origin. This eminent brand got originated from spin bowling during the World Cup Cricket in the year 1996. Spinz belongs to the CavinKare Group based in Chennai. The CavinKare fragrances are delightful to the senses and hence are also quite high in demand by the teen-aged and young girls, providing special care to their delicate underarms.

Spinz offers a compelling range of deodorants, which are quite give women long odorless confidence. They essentially capture the fantasies of women in order to give what they truly desire. The deodorants are available in a royal blue cylindrical-shaped bottle, revealing striking white and green patches here and there. Moreover, there is the silhouette of a girl splashing water, which is symbolic of the long lasting fresh and cool aroma that Spinz Perfumed Cool Splash Deodorant assures. Spinz products are available with a starting price of Rs 150.


Eva deo for Women

Eva by Tiruvellore Thattai Krishnamachari (TTK) Healthcare Group is a famous female deodorant brand. There is Wild Deodorant Spray by Eva, the much sought after feminine deodorant body spray in India. It is alcohol free and contains such aromatic ingredients as sweet and hints of muguet. In fact, the other range of Eva deodorants also contains no harmful chemicals and is absolutely mild on the skin. Integrated with a unique formula, the deodorants help in balancing a PH level in the skin while giving you fresh and sweet fragrance for long hours.

Eva is amongst the best deodorant brands for women’s body and its products symbolize the free spirit of women. Urban, Blush, Groove, Fresh, Tease, Doll, Bless, Sweet and Flirt are the invigorating flavors offered by the brand. The price range starts from Rs. 110, thus making it affordable for everyone.


Fogg deo for Women

Fogg is also a top leading brand in Deodorant segment owing to its alluring fragrances and sensational commercials. The brand offers liquid body sprays for women, which contain up to 1000 sprays. A person wearing the deodorant spray not only enjoys the refreshing aroma, but also gains confidence to perform well while working with others. The hot selling product by Fogg these days is its black collection combo that has left women enthralled with its refreshing, cool smell. The pack contains Aromatic, Aqua, Spicy, Fougere, Woody and Oriental deodorants, which is considered value for money.

Fogg offers an exciting range of deodorant products that complements all occasions with the soft, lingering aroma. Fogg is a dermatologically trusted brand, which is safe for women with different skin types.


Fa deo for Women

Fa is a trusted German brand owned by the company Henkel. It is famous for its personal and skin care range of products including soaps, perfumes and deodorants. Fa Roll-on Antiperspirant Deodorants are a premium range of products for women which are believed to remain effective for 24 hours. Combined with the gentleness of new formulas, its deo products provide sustained protection to the skin while you can treat yourself with an assortment of fragrance types.

Fa’s antiperspirant deodorants are especially introduced to provide you a constant perspiration regulation without having to compromise with the quality of its fragrances. The products being dermatologically tested cause no irritation on the sensitive skin and hence are safe for all women. You may find the price range a bit on the higher side, but they are believed to be value for money. Prepared with an exclusive combination of noble woody heart and green fruits, Fa deodorant products will give you a cool, long-lasting freshness so that you can socialize with people unhesitatingly.


A recent study has shown that simply by wearing nice smell of a deodorant, you can boost your confidence level and feel good about yourself. Interestingly, the best deodorant brands for women (described above) are coming up with a fleet of new and innovative range that only smell good, but also address sensitive skin issues, such as blackness, irritation, red marks. The presence of natural and organic ingredients makes the underarms fairer and softer. Take your pick and feel the difference!