Business Ideas for Photographers

Photography is an art and an artist or a professional who possesses the art of taking snapshots or clicks with the help of a camera is known as a Photographer. Becoming a photographer doesn’t always require you to be professionally trained, but it needs the passion to capture the people and the moments in the most right frame with the most appropriate angle so that you bestow a kind of immortality on them. If you can do all this, you can fulfil your passion as well as make good income as a photographer.

The photography industry is absolutely not for the laid-back kind of person, it is most suitable for people who are active enough, willing to learn better techniques, able to invest in updated tools and equipment of photography and have customer satisfying skills. The photographer may work as both a full-time and freelancer and get hired for specific job for the people, known as his clients. Although many photographers work very hard to get a client, but they lack in having a proper system to have a steady flow of projects to sustain themselves.

This article puts together several business opportunities that you can explore in the industry and can survive the market competition as a photographer. If you are seeking ways to earn an extra income with your shot taking skills & techniques then the following business ideas can work wonders for you.

Business Ideas for Photographers

Wedding Photography: Wedding photography is one of the photography options that always remain high in demand. If you are looking for a photography business which can leverage a combination of high demand and that too with lower risk level then becoming a wedding photographer could be thought of. Use of props and themes are nowadays attracting many “brides and grooms-to be” to get their wedding covered by professional wedding photographers. But one has to remember that only by being creative enough could make you earn a handsome amount of money as well as a plethora of clients.

Fashion Photography: Fashion photography could be another option which could be considered by you to earn money in the photography industry. A fashion photographer is the one who captures the pictures of fashion shows, red carpet events, latest fashion trends, award shows, celebrity photo shoots or even celebrity portfolios. Fashion photography can make you earn nice bucks as the fashion photography is not only confined to the newspapers, TV or magazines but it is now promoted on most of the social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc.

Photography Training: Since, you being the photographer are aware of all the ins & outs of the photography industry, you can start training the aspiring and the budding photographers about the skills, techniques, methods and all that is needed to survive & run the photography business. The training could be provided by setting up a photography training centre or at one’s photography studio. Photography training can make you earn a decent living as well as it turns out to be a great side business opportunity.

Stock Photography: Another good option is stock photography, which consists of taking natural, random clicks and selling them to the blog writers, article writers, web designers, newspaper companies, and magazine companies etc. who need images to make their write-up descriptive, evocative as well as illustrative. Many passionate photographers are found doing stock photography & making good amount of profit. Since, the stock selling is done online, you need to ensure that you have a well-designed website which can easily attract people, where the stock photos could be displayed and sold at competitive rates.

Under-Water Photography: This is the modern form of photography in which the photographers captures the marine biodiversity such as snapshots of fishes, seaweeds, marine wildlife, under water plants, shells etc. Venturing into this type of photography business, you need to possess some extra skills like swimming, scuba diving, underwater swimming etc. The underwater photography could be used for explorations, documentaries, investigation purposes, minerals extractions, accidental cases etc.

Product Photography: Basically, when one is dealing in online marketing or handling any online stores then the main focus shifts towards the presentibility and attractiveness of the product being dealt with because the opinion of the customer depends on the pictorial representation of the products. Product photography is generally done by clicking professional pictures of the product from different angles, uploading them on the website for the customer assistance & assessment.

Sessional Photo-Shoots: Sessional photo-shoot is the photo shoot done as per the customer’s requirement, pre or post the event, as the case may be. Nowadays, sessional photography is much in trend due to the various customisations provided by the photographer to the clients such as altered background effects, light effects, glamour effects and many more. Sessional photo shoots which are most prevalent nowadays are Pre-Wedding Photo shoots, Post-Wedding Photo Shoots, Maternity Shoots, Pre-delivery Photography, Beauty Parlour Session Shoots, and Baby Photo-Shoots etc.

Re-Photography: For the purpose of scientific research, survey and studies, Re-Photography is done, which involves the clicking of a picture from the same angle as it was taken earlier. For instance, photographs of the Taj Mahal taken in 1990, 2000 and 2014 from the same angle to survey the level of depletion of the quality of stones used in the monument.

Portrait Photography: The business which deals in taking photographs and making portraits out of those photographs for the clients is known to be portrait photography. It is much in demand in the western countries and in fact portraits are much more expensive than the normal photographs and can bring you more earning if you are artistic as well, besides being an expert freelance photographer.

Sports Photography: If you are active and fast along with an intense love for sports then you can even become a sports photographer, which involves covering the interesting scenes from sports events, pace, moods and mannerisms of players, boundaries of the sports arena and reactions of spectators, etc. The sports photography serves the purpose of many sports magazines, sports section of newspapers, tabloids, sports news websites etc.

Interior Photography: For an interior decorator or designer, it is most important to present his designs and previous projects to the new & prospecting clients so that they get convinced by the quality of the work got done by him. In order to provide more clarity and polish to the work done by the interior designer, it is required to get professional photographs clicked and arranged, which are eye-catching and could serve the purpose of the design catalogue to attract customers.

Photograph Restoration Service: There are numerous pictures which were once taken several years ago but are now not in a condition to be clearly visible or are damaged now. It could be any picture of our childhood or picture of our grandparents, great grand parents or depicting a priceless memory. A digital photograph restoration service involves in fixing up the pictures or working up on the pictures in such a way that they could get in a good condition and visible again.

Photo-Journalist: Photographers often act as photo-journalists to gather the images which could be used to support news content. The interesting part of this field is that you would get the opportunity of covering regular, day-to-day happenings of today’s fast-paced life. This could turn out to be a money-spinning option of business along with your regular photography schedule. But at the same time, you must also be prepared about the risky side of photo-journalism as sometimes you could be caught in capturing extremely violent or destructive scenes.

Real-Estate Photography: Another opportunity for the photographers exists in real-estate industry. Most of the times, the real-estate agents need to get the pictures of the building, property or flat clicked, in order to create an attractive brochure or online presence of their residential or commercial properties in the highly competitive real estate market. Also, due to lack of time, the interested buyers nowadays wish to grab a quick deal with the help of digital walkthroughs or pictorial tours of properties on display. With the help of compelling real-estate photographs, it becomes easy for the prospective buyers to shortlist the properties they are interested in to have a pretty good idea before scheduling any visit. These kinds of photographs are used on property listing portals, apps. brochures, newsletters and magazines.

Wildlife Photography: If you are daring and adventurous enough, then you can even opt for wildlife photography, where you can capture the clicks of the endangered wildlife, rare species, marine wildlife etc. For this option you just need to be well-versed with the editing skills and adding up the special effects. Being equipped with a good camera mostly a DSLR camera along with different lenses can work wonders for this idea.

Studio Photography: You can even set up your own Photo Studio if you have sufficient financial resources. Studio photography may include still photography, videography, adding special effects such as editing, enlarging, framing the photographs & photo shoots. Setting up a studio can double up your earning by allowing you to play multiple roles such as a wedding photographer or a sessional photographer or even any of the ideas mentioned above.

Invitation Card Designer: You being a photographer must be an expert in using Photoshop, and that’s all what is required to design a fantastic invitation card. So, you can excel in the field of designing cards like wedding cards, baby announcement cards, farewell cards, celebration cards, Christmas cards etc and can earn a handsome amount on a long-term basis along with your routine photography.

Freelance Photography: Freelance photography can be explained as the photography done not on a regular basis but on a contract basis. Instead of being full time employed as a photographer, you can work as per the requirements of your different clients. Freelancing photography may include real-estate photography, stock photography, photo journalism, sessional photography or any of the other optioned mentioned above or could be even the option not included above, it totally depends upon the requirement of your client.

So, if you are a photographer and want to make a decent living out of it, then the above-mentioned are some of the lucrative business ideas, you can pursue and you should not at all hesitate about taking a plunge for greener pastures. If you are determined enough and willing to work hard then any of above options can prove to be money-spinning for you.