Business Ideas for Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineering is the branch of engineering which involves the designing, production and operation of machinery. It is the discipline that makes use of the principles of engineering, physics and science of materials for the design, analysis, manufacturing, and preservation of mechanical systems. It is one of the broadest and oldest disciplines of engineering.

The broad base of the mechanical engineering discipline allows students to usher into different career opportunities. Irrespective of the specific path they choose for themselves after their graduation, their learning provides them with the creative thinking that permits them to develop an innovative system or product and achieve their career goals. You may start your own venture for which some business ideas are as follows:

Business Ideas for Mechanical Engineers

  1. Engineering and Architectural Manager

You may start freelance business as an Architectural and Engineering Manager. As an Architectural and Engineering Manager, you may plan, direct, and coordinate activities and use your knowledge of architecture or engineering to supervise diverse activities. You may direct and coordinate with the construction process, quality assurance, testing and/or maintenance at industrial plants, manufacturing sites, research and development laboratories and engineering services firms. You would be responsible for developing the overall concept of an original and innovative product and for resolving the technical problems that protect the accomplishment of the project. Additionally, you must also know the technicalities of preparing budgets, hiring staff and supervising employees, etc.

  1. Gem Clip Manufacturer

Paper or Gem clip is an important stationery item for education and office industry. You may consider starting your business as a gem clip manufacturer since the capital requirement for this business is low and the process of making gem clip is simple too. There is a high demand for stainless steel gem clips across the world.

  1. Drafter

You may start you own business as a Drafter. There are several options and you may choose to provide all or either of the below:

  • Architectural Drafter – You may specialize in the construction of residential or commercial buildings, etc.
  • Civil Drafter – You may prepare topographical maps, etc.
  • Electrical Drafter – You may provide services related to wiring in buildings, power plant, etc.
  • Electronics Drafter – Prepare diagrams related to circuit board, layout drawings, etc.
  • Mechanical Drafters – You may design details of machineries and mechanical tools and devices like medical equipment, etc.
  1. Business of Scrap Metals

Scrap Metal business is suitable for those who wants to make profit and are careful about the environment too. You may do thorough research on potential profit and loss as recycling and salvage is highly dependent on this process. You must find a convenient location and acquire necessary equipment in order to start a scrap metal business.

  1. Freelance Materials Engineers

As a Material Engineer you may provide services by developing, processing and testing materials which are used to produce a broad range of products including aircraft wings, computer chips, golf clubs, bio-medical devices, etc. As a material engineer, you may study the properties and arrangement of ceramics, metals, plastics, composites, extremely small substances, also known as nano-materials and other substances to produce new materials that meet definite mechanical, chemical and electrical requirements. You may also evaluate design for innovative or changed tools by measuring dimensions and comparing them with the original specifications.

  1. Manufacturing Business of Aluminium Window/Door

You may start your business as aluminium window/door manufacturer after doing some study about the business and the competition. This business requires designing and manufacturing various types of frames and fittings for customers on need basis including veranda railings, staircase, handrail support and various similar items for homes, theatres, auditoriums and businesses.

  1. Mathematician

You may start your own business as a Mathematician and apply hypothesis and procedures like mathematical modelling in order to resolve practical problems. You may also provide services as applied mathematicians and work with clients in association with team involved in different occupations like chemists, chemical engineers, material scientists, etc. to analyse the effectiveness of drugs, etc. You may also work in association with industrial designers and study the aerodynamic attributes of latest automobiles.

  1. Mechanical Engineering Technician

This is another prosperous business idea. You may become a freelance Mechanical Engineering technician and direct mechanical engineers in designing, developing, testing and manufacturing mechanical devices and tools, engines and machines, etc. You may also make sketches and rough designs, record and evaluate data, make calculations and estimation and report your observations and findings.

  1. Supply Chain Management

This business refers to different activities including the designing, production and transport of raw materials for real production along with quality control and allocation of the final products to the customers. As a mechanical engineer, you may also design the economical methods so that this process of supply chain becomes convenient for manufacturers.

  1. Manager of Natural Science

As a Natural Sciences Manager, it is possible for you to start your own business and supervise the work of scientists, including physicists, chemists and biologists. You may direct activities with regards to research and development, and coordinate activities such as quality control, testing and production.

As a Natural Sciences Manager; you may be required to do the following:

  • Develop objectives and schemes for researchers and developers and plan the budget for projects by estimating staffing, training, and equipment requirements
  • Employ, guide and assess the technicians, scientists and other staff members
  • Make sure that the laboratories are equipped with sufficient equipment and supplies
  • Provide technical help to technicians, scientists and support staff
  • Communicate the research findings and the position of projects to clients, etc.
  1. Astronomer and Physicist

You can also start your business and provide services of Physicist and Astronomer. In this role, you may study the character of time or the source of the universe. Some physicists propose and perform research with sophisticated tools such as electron microscopes, particle accelerators and lasers.

  1. Nuclear Engineering Services

You may provide freelance services as Nuclear Engineer and research and develop the procedures, mechanisms and systems used to derive advantages from radiation and nuclear energy.

As a Nuclear Engineer, you may do the following:

  • Create or develop nuclear tools such as radiation shielding, reactor cores and related instruments
  • Supervise operation and controlling the performance of functional nuclear power plants to certify that they meet safety standards
  • Describe operational instructions to be employed in the nuclear plant operation or in disposing and handling of nuclear waste
  • Supervise nuclear facility operations to categorize any construction, design or operation practices that break safety regulations and laws
  • Inspect nuclear accidents and collect data that can be used to plan preventive measures

Additionally, nuclear engineers are at the forefront of improving employment of nuclear substances for medical imaging tools, such as PET (positron emission tomography) scanners. You may also develop or create cyclotrons which are used in producing high-energy beam; it is used by the healthcare industry to treat cancerous tumours.

  1. Defence Weapons Manufacturer

You may start your business as defence weapons manufacturer and may assist in producing guns and other weapons used in defence industry. You should be mindful to obtain various licenses and permits from the government and must do proper research on all other requirements before starting this business.

  1. Petroleum Engineering Services

You may start your own business as a Petroleum Engineer and design and develop ways for extracting natural gas and oil from the deposits beneath the Earth’s surface. A Petroleum Engineer is also equipped to find innovative ways to pull out oil and gas from older wells. You may also do the following:

  • Design tools to pull out oil and gas in the best profitable way
  • Improve methods to inject chemicals, water, gases or steam into an oil deposit to extract more oil
  • Improve plans to drill and recover oil and gas from the fields
  • Assess the invention of wells through surveys and testing
  • Employ computer-controlled drilling to connect a bigger area of oil and gas deposits to unique well
  • Ensure that oil field tool is installed, functioned and maintained appropriately
  1. Engineer Services in Sales

You may start your own business as a Sales Engineer and sell intricate scientific and technological products to other businesses. You must possess extensive knowledge about the functions of the products and should understand the scientific processes which make the products work.

Sales Engineers basically specialize in scientifically and technologically advanced products. They employ their technical skills to describe the advantages of their products and services to the potential clients and customers. You may also work for the private and Government companies that design and construct technical products or work for self-governing sales firms.

To be successful in this business, you must possess the qualities those of basic sales persons and must interest the client in purchasing your products and services, bargain a price and accomplish the sale. You may choose to give technical presentations and explain the technical facets of the product and the ability to solve the technical problem of the clients.

To Conclude

Mechanical Engineering is a growing field and there are several opportunities for a Mechanical Engineer in India and across the world. If you have obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering, you may start working with a private or government organisation, gain experience and knowledge and then may start your own business or alternatively, you may directly start your own business and open opportunities for several other mechanical engineers.