Business Ideas for Electronics Engineers

Electronic engineering is a discipline of electrical engineering which is applied on active and non-linear electrical components like integrated circuits, transistors, diodes, etc to design devices, microcontrollers, electronic circuits, microprocessors and other structures. Though electronics is a sub branch of the academic subject of electrical engineering, it denotes a wider engineering field which covers digital electronics, power electronics, analog electronics, embedded systems and consumer electronics.

Electronic engineers develop and design electronic equipment like communication systems, broadcast, global positioning systems etc. Many of them even work in the fields which are directly linked with computer hardware.

Career Options for Electronic Engineers

As electronic engineering is amongst the fastest and the largest growing line of engineering, it opens up an extensive range of career opportunities for electronic engineers. Major industries like energy, oil and gas, agriculture, marine, electronics, construction, automotive, defense, aerospace, consumer goods, telecom, power generation, pharmaceuticals, utilities, etc are in constant need of efficient electronic engineers. An electronic engineer finds feasible solutions to problems affecting daily lives. He designs, produces, fabricates, supervises and tests the production of complex systems and products. Electronic engineers operate with devices which utilize extremely minor amounts of power including fiber optics, microprocessors etc.

Electronic engineering candidates who possess an inventive and a creative mind and are fluent in mathematics and physics will find a lucrative career in this sector.

Business Ideas for Electronics Engineers

Here are some thriving business ideas for engineers in the electronics field:

  1. Industrial Automation Business

Industrial automation involves the use of information technologies and control systems (like robots or computers) for handling various machineries and processes in order to replace humans. Electronic engineers who possess high level skills and experience and have exposure to varying technologies can start up an industrial automation business. Automation solutions for industries can be provided in different sectors including steel, aerospace, defense, food and beverages, power, textile, nuclear, oil and gas, water, cement, railways, automotive, pharmaceuticals etc.

Mostly such business is operated on a large scale basis because of its complex nature. Therefore, if you have sufficient resources, then industrial automation could prove to be very fruitful. These few tips might provide help if you plan to commence an industrial automation business –

  • Specialize in a single application. Operations can be diversified after gaining expertise in the respective field.
  • For getting effective business results, hire a personal staff that can manage around 80-90% of the functions as a lot of work is required in it.
  • Employ a purchasing manager for purchasing goods for the projects. This helps in getting several quotations for each purchase while keeping the procurement process well-organized.
  • Lay major emphasis on the marketing part as this kind of business involves a worldwide base of customers.
  • Involve a partner in order to distribute the complexities.


  1. Servicing and Sales of Machines and IT Equipment

Servicing and sales of machines and IT equipment is another profitable business idea for electronic engineers. Information Technology equipment can be explained as electronic data analysis or management devices, accessories, software and associated peripherals which may be portable or fixed in nature. Gadgets of Information Technology like computers, routers, servers, fax machines etc are such machines that need to be serviced once in a while in order to perform efficiently and effectively. Thus, apart from sales of such equipment, you can also provide after sales and repair services for an expanded business line. This kind of trading requires aggressive marketing skills for successful operations.

  1. Set up a Server Building Company

Electronic engineers who are planning to step into a profitable business venture can also go for a server building business. Servers play a crucial role in telephony, intranet and internet connections in all the corporate organizations. Organizations cannot do without servers as they make business and networking run in a smooth manner. Thus, they are ready to pay a huge amount of money to server builders.

Building up a server requires a very powerful strategy and of course a lot of research. The initial components including motherboard, chassis, hard drive, CPU and RAM need to be very carefully determined as the chances of errors in the final design are very high.

  1. Manufacturer of Electronic Toys

An electronic engineer can also start manufacturing electronic toys. He could either open his own electronic toy store with his own line of production or sell his work to various toy distributors in the market. There is a big demand for electronic toys in comparison with other conventional toys like soft toys, wooden toys, etc. because they help children learn better. Market for electronic toys in India is mainly import oriented as there is a shortage of local toy makers. Manufacturing of these items is also financially feasible. Therefore, it would be a profitable idea to jump into the manufacture of electronic toys which are operated by just pressing a button.

  1. Trader in Consumer Electronics

Trading in consumer electronics like computers, televisions, smart phones, digital cameras, etc. is yet another business idea for engineers in the electronic segment. Various companies employ software and electronics engineers for improving their familiar range of products and designing new gadgets. You can either provide services to such companies or open a local consumer electronics store. Electronic store for personal consumers can be opened in multiple consumer goods or in a single electronic item too. Dealing in such a business helps to earn a decent amount of money as the market for consumer electronics is constantly rising and is expected to go the same way in future.

  1. Trainer of Electronics Engineering

An electronic engineer can provide training in various disciplines of electronics like Industrial Automation, Matrix Laboratory and Embedded Systems to the scholars of electronics. Professional and practical training on the recent software and hardware can be provided to the candidates as per their requirements.

Training in electronics engineering should not be limited to university or college level pupils only. You could also provide industrial training to manufacturers, users, inspection agencies, repair organizations and other firms which are involved in the designing, repair and maintenance of industrial plants.

  1. Control System Designer

An electronic engineer can also become a control system designer. A control system commands, manages, regulates or directs the behavior of alternate systems or devices. Control system designers are much required in various industries as they provide feedback control on various devices. For instance, what will a microwave do when it does not have a temperature control process in it. Many companies like automobile, control engineering, aerospace, manufacturing, computer, power, etc require control system designers for analysis problems and complex engineering designs. An electronic engineer who desires to become a control system designer needs to have a thorough understanding of systems and control engineering. He must also possess problem solving and interdisciplinary skills for task accomplishments.

  1. Electrical Panel Manufacturing Business

Electrical control panel is an important product in industrial electrification. It regulates the operations of electrical equipment. Such panels are also used in the protection of electrical equipment from damage by overloading and short circuit. Consumers of this product include several government authorities like Public Health Engineering Departments, Government Boards etc. In addition, large and medium factories also purchase electrical panels from its manufacturers. A previous customer base is essential in dealing in electrical control panels as it is a form of Business to Business trading.

Before commencement of electrical panel manufacturing business, registration with an approved authority is mandatory. Such business does not demand heavy machinery. It can be operated with tools like hand drill, gas welding set, arc welding set, power hacksaw, hand tools, shearing machine etc.

  1. Manufacturer of Mobile Phone Accessories

There is a huge market for various accessories of mobile phones like charger, batteries, earphones, Bluetooth devices, phone casing etc. You can work for a particular company like Samsung, Sony, etc. and produce cell phone accessories for them. Apart from this, you can also manufacture mobile accessories for local customers. Manufacturing mobile phone accessories can turn out to be a highly productive business as the use of mobile phones and its accessories is constantly increasing among the masses.

  1. Installation and Repair of Car Trackers

Car tracker repair and installation business is another trending and financially rewarding business for electronic engineers. Global statistics reveal that the requirement of tracking systems in the cars is on the rise because of the advantages it provides. Most of the transport companies do not allow their cars to run on the roads until they are properly installed with a car tracking device. Since this device is introduced, investing in logistic business, transport, ambulance services, haulage and other related services has become a gainful venture because these devices help in monitoring the fuel consumption, checking the activities of drivers, measuring the distances and ensuring the vehicle safety.

  1. Electronic Test Equipment Rental Provider

Electronic test equipment is utilized to capture responses and create signals from electronic devices which are put to test. Some of them are signal generator, frequency counter, leakage tester, spectrum analyzer, curve tracer, network analyzer, transistor tester and tube tester. Giving electronic test equipment on rent to individual electronic professionals and small companies might produce long term beneficiary results to the owners. Small firms and individuals always look for rental test equipment in electronics as they cannot afford costly test equipments like large scale companies can do. Such firms can even pay more when there is an urgent requirement of such equipment.

At last

An electronics engineer must know his work thoroughly before getting into his own line of work. He must gain expertise and thorough knowledge in the designing of electronic components and systems. If an electronic engineer wants to set a business for himself, then any of the above ideas can be considered. These ideas are highly lucrative and offer a good income.