Business Ideas for Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineering is amongst the recent branches of engineering. It basically deals with the science of electricity. Electrical engineers function on a broad range of devices, systems and components, from mini microchips to giant power generators. An electrical engineer develops and designs new electrical instruments, tests the instruments and solves problems. He applies and studies the mathematics and physics of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism to both small and large scale systems, in order to transmit energy and process information.

Electrical engineering comprises several sub-disciplines. Some engineers specialize in a particular sub-discipline, while other electrical engineers specialize in the combinations of these sub-disciplines.

Career options for Electrical Engineers

An electrical engineer primarily works in the fields associated with power transmission, electricity, electronics and several other electricity related areas. These include metals and materials, construction, defense, power generation, marine, aerospace, railway, oil and gas, telecoms, chemical, utilities etc.

Business Ideas for Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineers are highly demanded by industries which manufacture office appliances and essential households. They develop, design and put into use the designed product and are also involved in the process of research for generating new techniques and ideas. They need to select appropriate materials, technical solutions, procedures and test equipment to the production and manufacture of safe, high-performance and economical services and products. Before starting his own trade, an electrical engineer needs to possess a few technical skills for a flourishing business such as:

  • Circuit optimization and cost cutting skills
  • Thorough knowledge of analog electronics
  • Knowledge of Linux internals, embedded networking and debugging
  • Control of machinery
  • Basics of programming languages including C, C++, JAVA
  • Physical and mathematical skills
  • Troubleshooting etc

There are a number of career opportunities for an electrical engineer and if he is not captivated by the idea of working under an employer, he can commence his own business or work as a freelancer.

  1. Repair and Maintenance services

Electrical engineers have a great knowledge about vehicles and electronic equipment. Their skill and expertise can serve those who require repairs and maintenance services. For instance, if an electrical engineer specializes in aircraft, he may promote his services to the airplane mechanics handling private aircraft. Some of the popular services offered by repair and maintenance firms in households and industries are electrical maintenance and repairs, emergency lighting and fire alarm installation along with testing and maintenance, periodic testing, electrical installation, appliance testing, data network containment and cabling and various others.

  1. Researcher

Electrical engineers can make use of advanced knowledge to create and test products in their research and development undertaking. You can sell ideas or get hired by various companies for unbiased consultations and test results. Elements can include machinery controls, communication systems, navigation systems, lighting, green building projects and writing systems. Research and development of ways to make power transmission and generation more efficient can also be done. Electrical engineers might even serve as consultants to those companies which develop machineries or batteries of high density.

  1. Manufacturer of electrical products

Electrical engineers can also start up manufacturing of electrical products or electronics. Designing and selling electrical items to construction firms, engineering firms or manufacturing companies that are not specialized in electrical engineering might turn into a productive business venture. You can also start up your own business with proper availability of resources. Here are a few profitable manufacturing ideas for electrical engineers.

  • Printed circuit boards: The process of making and designing printed circuit boards is not too complex. By purchasing equipment that is specially automated, numerous circuit boards (which are high in demand) can be printed for clients, such as computer manufacturers.
  • Generators: Generators can be manufactured in different types and capacities as they are in great demand in the market. The business can be initiated with moderate investment of capital.
  • Batteries: Batteries can be established in either of the two ways – fully automatic or semi automatic. An approval from the pollution control board is required before commencing a battery manufacturing business.
  • Air Compressors: Air compressors are utilized in a variety of situations from small gas stations to huge manufacturing plants. Even basements, garages and home workshops are making use of air compression models for powering tools, inflating pool toys and several other tasks.
  • Voltage stabilizers and Boosters: Voltage stabilizers and boosters are needed in both the sectors, i.e. consumer as well as industrial. Businesses can be set up on a small scale basis for producing such items.
  • Electronic fan regulator: Fan regulators are among the crucial household items. They consist of potentiometric resistances, discs, TRIAC to impart step-less control of speed of the fan. These regulators are far more effective than conventional regulators.
  • LED lights: Business of manufacturing LED lights is a little complex and needs to be operated on a large scale. These lights are available in wide-ranging colours including mild yellow, dark yellow, ultra white and yellow.

Apart from the above mentioned businesses, electrical engineers can also manufacture and produce inverters, optical fiber, electronic weighing scales, electronic toys, electrical socket plugs, pump controllers, electrical control panel, capacitors, electrical wires, cathode ray tubes and cooling solutions.

  1. Trader in Green Consulting

Green consulting can be described as one of the facets of consulting services that aim to help businesses become greener or more eco-friendly. When the license for electrical engineering is paired up with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, a green business can be commenced. Such businesses execute energy audits which help business and home owners to find methods for improving energy efficiency. It is done by recommending green retrofits and conducting energy consumption evaluations. Some of the retrofits include programmable thermostats, solar panel installation, energy-efficient instruments and residential windmills generating power.

  1. E-waste Recycler

Waste from the electric products is severely increasing a great amount of obsolete fax machines, computers, mobiles, televisions, printers and other electric gadgets. These obsolete appliances create issues in the protection of environment. Thus, such wastes are recycled to create a new solution.

Scope of growth in an electrical recycling business is very high as the volume of e-waste is constantly rising. But before commencing an electric waste business, a thorough planning must be done along with an approval from the pollution board. As e-waste recycling is a very creative sort of business, it must be dealt with increased proficiency and carefulness to obtain more efficient results.

  1. Professor or Private Tutor in Electrical Engineering

You can also choose to become a lecturer in the field of electrical engineering in any private or Government College or operate a private coaching centre. An electrical engineering professor educates the students about various sub-disciplines of the subject including digital electronics, computer science, electronics, optoelectronics, power, signal processing, analog electronics, control systems, artificial intelligence and telecommunications. They guide the pupils on ways to use electricity to broadcast information. Planning various designs and models with the help of computer-aided software or sketch ideas with hands are taught for providing practical knowledge to the scholars. A tutor or professor of electrical engineering must excel in dealing with the problems that are associated with the large-scale as well as small-scale electric systems.

To offer training and education in the area of electrical engineering, one needs to obtain engineering accreditation by a governing body.

  1. Opening up an Industrial Training Institute

If an electrical engineer wants to pursue career in the teaching segment, then the options for imparting education are endless. Apart from providing lectures or private tuitions in the electrical engineering sector, one can also start up an institute that provides vocational, summer industrial training to the scholars of electrical engineering. It requires an increased understanding and high level practical knowledge of the electronic components. One also needs to carry expertise in the areas of robotics and circuit designing. A handful of instrument set ups like solder iron, cathode-ray oscilloscope, multi meters and some basic components are a few requisites before setting up an industrial training center.

Apart from the above mentioned business ideas, you can also opt for an online business in electrical engineering that can be operated from home with freelance contracts/jobs/projects. Online businesses help the traders to work in their preferred time zone with comparatively less resources than the traditional ones.

  1. Business in Electronic Dropshipping

Dropshipping is kind of a retail trade where a store does not need to keep the products and commodities it offers for sale. While selling a product, the store purchases products from third party and ships directly to the ultimate consumer. In this kind of business, the merchant never handles or sees the item. Dropshipping business is gaining popularity nowadays as the trader does not need to maintain huge stocks and thus less expense are required for running the business.

  1. E-book writer

Electrical engineers have detailed knowledge about electricity, electronics and electromagnetic. Thus, they can easily write e-books or text books in any subject of electrical in which they have a keen interest. At present, e-books are preferred over the regular text books. As internet is an unending source of information, topics and ideas for the e-book can be collected through various internet sources. Genuine internet relationships with other people need to be developed before finishing up an e-book for your work to reach large masses. This could be done through several social media platforms.

  1. Freelance Electrical Designer

Another great online business idea for electrical engineers is working as an online electrical designer on a freelance basis. This form of business provides benefits in the form of flexible work timings. There are a number of websites like Upwork, Freelancer etc. which provide work to such engineers at bargained rates. It usually involves electrical problem solving and creating of electronic products for clients across the globe. Electric companies can also be contacted for getting the contracts.

At last

An electrical engineer needs to possess a detailed knowledge about the electric components before stepping in his own line of business. Growth and career options for electrical engineers are quite high as numerous companies demand such engineers for their electricity related tasks. An engineer needs to grab the opportunities and take advantage of them for making good money out of it. If one is focused on the idea of starting up his/her own business, then any of the above mentioned ideas can be considered and it must be ensured that necessary skills for executing the tasks are developed.