Business Ideas for Disabled People

Disability is a comprehensive concept with wide-ranging connotations. It may be used to refer to either physical or mental inadequacies that may render a person incapable of some usual functions. A person may suffer from disability since birth or come to acquire it due to accident, deliberate injury or torture.

Generally, disabilities which are found in humans can be classified into following categories:

  • Disability to Move/ or Disability of Spinal Cord
  • Disability of Sight
  • Disability to Hear
  • Disability to Speak

This list is an indicative one and may include other disabilities as well.

Here, it is not proper to term people with disability as “Disabled” or “Physically Handicapped”, instead they are better termed as “People with Special Abilities”, as being disabled in one function, they are endowed with one or the other unique & special abilities of their own.

So, the specially abled people, who want to achieve economic and financial independence, might consider self-employment. The benefits of self-employment are numerous, and thanks to online and freelancing work from home’s comfort nowadays, the prospect of finding work at a decent remuneration is greater than it used to be.

 Business Ideas for Disabled People

If you were born with some disability or have experienced a life-changing happening and became handicapped or disabled later in life but are keen to work, you can choose from a plethora of options available today!!

Business Ideas for Differently abled

Just think seriously about starting a small business from home. Given below are some of the simple, practical as well as fruitful business ideas as per the kind of disability a person is suffering from:

Business Ideas for Person who has Disability of Mobility/ Spinal Cord

Disability of mobility can be elaborated as when a person is unable to move, walk, sit, stand or has any serious impairment in spinal cord. Some of the suitable business ideas for such types of persons are:

  • Motivational Speaker: There is a great need for motivational speakers everywhere and who can motivate better than persons with special abilities. You could speak at any religion place, community organizations, business meetings, educational institutions and even write or publish a book or E-book to motivate others. For example, Australian motivational speaker Nick Vujicic, born without arms and legs, inspires the whole world at various fora with courage and hope to attain success despite severe disability. He is also a painter, swimmer, and skydiver.
  • Greeting Card Making: If you are artistic or creative enough, and you want to take your interest forward then you can start making greeting cards. As of now, many good brands like Archie’s, Hallmark, and Expressions etc. purchase the cards made by the disabled people at higher rates and then sell them in the market. The people are nowadays exclusively buying those cards with an intention that their money is indirectly going towards the betterment and welfare of specially abled people.
  • Internet Marketing: The Internet is nowadays the best marketing medium, and the opportunity for the disabled person to explore the web medium for self-employment is also quite feasible. Internet marketing involves dealing in products or services using the Internet as a marketing tool rather than other traditional marketing outlets such as print publication, radio or television. You can offer internet marketing services to the clients looking for persons with expertise in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). You can also set up your own portal/s, and start earning Internet revenue which can come from many avenues such as Google AdSense, cost per click (CPC), cost per thousand (CPM) and cost per acquisition (CPA), and so on. You have to focus on the right type of specialied content to attract sufficient web revenue.
  • Consultant: Consultancy can prove to be a rewarding and high-paying job for anybody, but it comes especially handy for the especially abled people. A consulting career allows a person to mould the work to meet the particular challenges arising out of one’s particular handicap. As a consultant, you might choose to work from home or any office, you may even choose to form partnership or work alone, find a target niche that suits your skill, and may enjoy an ultimately flexible work A consulting career offers a chance to you to enjoy a convenient as well as a financially rewarding career.


Business Ideas for Person who has Disability of Sight (Visual impairment, Vision disability)

This type of disability is referred when a person is suffering from any vision impairment like partial sightedness, colour blindness or complete blindness. Some of the suitable business options for such people are as follows:

  • Working at a Place for Specially Abled People: Option of working at a place which is operating exclusively for specially abled people can earn you a decent living. For example, a restaurant named “Dialogue In The Dark, Hyderabad” is run by the people who are blind, right from the waiter to the table cleaner, and is basically designed in such a way that not even a ray of light can enter the restaurant just to make the visitors realise how these blind people lead their lives, as they perform all tasks with exemplary zeal and competence, serving the guests choicest delicacies of North-Indian food.
  • Song writer/ Singer/Musician: It is said that disabled people have deeper sensibilities and are more intense in thoughts. So, if you are good at singing or composing the lyrics of a song then you may pursue the idea of writing songs or singing as your business. You can earn for life by utilising your creative abilities. For example, Ravindra Jain, the famous music composer and lyricist was born blind and educated at the Blind School ofAligarh Muslim University. Like him, many visually impaired or blind people have done exceptionally well as a singer/writer or musician.
  • Life Coaching: Who knows it better than you what it is like to survive and thrive with a handicap or challenge of any kind in this world and to take charge of your life? So many people are waiting to hear your encouraging words of wisdom and story of scripting success in the face of severe challenges. Becoming a Life Coach can turn out to be a good option to inspire others as well as earn good money.

Business Ideas for Person who has hearing disability (hearing impairment)

If a person is unable to hear properly or cannot hear at all, he is known to be suffering from hearing impairment. There are various kinds of career or business which can suit these types of people such as the following:

  • Script/Screen Writer: Write about your innermost desires, passions and aspirations. Tell your story to the whole world. Your life is a story of grit, guts and gumption. Why not share your own story with the rest of us? Apart from this, you may also write script or screenplay on any subject desired by your clients. And by this you can start earning for your living, apart from giving a vent to your creative impulses.
  • Freelance Services: Freelancing is a great avenue for self-employment. You may provide various types of services from the comfort of your homes and get highly rewarded for the same. An arrangement like this could be suitable for any specially abled individual. Medical transcription, website designing, content writing, editing and are some of the services that can be offered as per one’s tastes and expertise.
  • Working at a Place for Specially abled People (Described Above)
  • Greeting Card Making (Described Above)


Business Ideas for Person who has Disability to Speak (Speech disorders, Speech impediments)

When a person is impaired by speech or is unable to speak or talk properly, he is said to be suffering from a disability to speak. Some of the business ideas suitable for such persons include:

  • Pet Sitting: If you love caring for pet animals, you can turn it into a lucrative option. All of us know so many people who would like to go away for a weekend but have no one to leave their pets with, who could love them as much as they do. Pet sitting can be an interesting as well as income-generating option for the specially abled people.
  • Working at a Place for Specially Abled People (Described Above)
  • Greeting Card Making (Described Above)
  • Internet Marketing (Described Above)
  • Script/Screen Writer (Described Above)
  • Song writer/ Musician (Described Above)
  • Freelance Services (Described Above)


So, if you know any specially abled individual or “Divyaang” (term coined by Prime Minister Narendra Modi) near you or you yourself are one such person searching for some good business opportunities, then you can go for either of the above-mentioned options to derive satisfaction from work and earn a living as well.

It should be first borne in mind that the best business ideas begin with knowing your niche or forte. If you are one of the many specially abled people or if you know anyone who wants to make it good in life has either certain skills or life experience or interests or values that others may not have, discovering one’s expertise can be the way to go. So, just get set, go! Nothing can stop you!